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mani factory

About Mani

The combination of family traditions and advanced technologies, to share natural and healthy products.

Mani’s Snacks includes a wide range of nuts which with the help of world-class technology and specific attention to user’s health, has created the best flavored combinations delivered inside beautiful various packaging. Mani’s Nut bars, made from various nuts, seeds, chocolate and honey, are to satisfy wide range of tastes while gifting a supply of vast amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they are considered to be a complete, healthy and natural snacks with 6 different flavors.

Maragheh production plant was established in 1956 in raisin process line. Now the factory is active in 7 production sites as a producer, processor and packer of nuts, dried fruits, herbal tea, and natural honey. The factory area is now built on area of 72,000 square meters however the whole land properties is roughly more than 190,000 square meters which enables us a more 120,000 square meters of construction area for future growth. Maragheh production plant is involved in every aspect of the production ensuring the finest quality products under the umbrella of RAHMANI. We provide B2B and B2C services. Our B2B services (SUNRAISY), includes pistachio kernel, pistachio and raisin processing line, whereas our B2C services includes snack and Nuts bar (MANI), Herbal and black tea (ROSTANI) and natural honey (GOLVERDI).

Maragheh Production Plant is basically divided into 7 production sites, which form all 4 brands of Rahmani. Total raw material warehouse capacity of factory is 1,600 tons, semi final goods warehouse capacity is 1,200 tons and final goods warehouse capacity is 700 pallet position, also our logistics shipping capacity is 86,000 tons per year.

Processing and packing nuts and dried fruits are carried out under the trade name MANI, a brand which has always tried to combine family traditions, skills, and experience gained by the past generations along with – the use of highly advanced technologies, offering distinguished and high quality products with finest packaging designs to consumers throughout the world.