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garden of persia

The Garden of Persia


Welcome to the Garden of Persia

The Garden of Persia has always been a magical place, that exists for real. In fact, it was already mentioned in the Old Testaments where it was defined as “Heaven on earth”. The special microclimate, the generosity of nature, the presence of pure water and abundance of sunshine give life to fruit and vegetables with an intense and unmistakable flavor. Real excellence, unmistakable typicality.

The Garden of Rahmani Group

In every garden there is a gardener and here, since 1877, there is the Rahmani family. Nobody respects this land more than someone who has deep roots in it. That is why, as a passionate gardener, the family dedicates to its best to cultivation, growth and harvesting. But that’s not all: the Rahmani family wants to obtain the best out of the best. Therefore they began nurturing healthy food starting with dried raisins and pistachios.

To help bring together the people of the world with precious, delicious and healthy food, rooted in the culture of ancient Persia and perfected with modern food science. A family company with more than 140 years of experience into food business. Coming from one of the agricultural pioneers, we have the ambition to combine healthy ingredients, traditional flavors, innovation and technology to create a deep connection between food, people and cultures.