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Within the eight limbs of yoga, the Ayurveda diet connects us with the proper way to eat. The eight limbs of yoga are simplistically put, a way of living your life that has been around for thousands of years. One of the things said are not to eat vegetables as opposed to meat. This is based on the theory that animals will go through trauma just before they die. That energy is then transmitted into us. While we may not go meatless, some of the ancient guidelines can help your modern day practice. They are logical choices anyway because they’re nutritious and don’t weigh you down. You will not only improve your yoga practice but you’ll improve your energy levels and you’ll be able to think more clearly.

Here are some of the foods that enhance your yoga practice:

Leafy Greens

Specifically, dark leafy greens, Kale, arugula, and spinach are a few good examples. They are packed with vitamins (C,K, E), fibre (to keep you regular) and calcium. They are also light food so you don’t weigh the body down. Adding more dark greens to your everyday life will help you with your energy levels so you can be more vigorous in your yoga class. They are easy to digest so you won’t have problems in poses that squish the digestive system.


Raw cacao is a superfood because it has a lot of antioxidants which helps you stave off disease. There are flavonoids in there too which helps to prevent heart disease. It also contains magnesium which helps keep our emotional balance. Yes, chocolate just makes us feel a little happier and it tastes delicious. It can be put in smoothies or you can be creative with gluten-freedeserts. Raw cacao is a lovely treat that doesn’t dampen your yoga practice because it’s totally natural.

The Ancient Grain-Quinoa

A lot of effort goes into doing yoga. Muscles are being worked and stretched and so is your fascia. It’s important to feed the body the protein it needs. This gives you energy and allows you to concentrate on your practice. One might even say it can help you with your balancing poses. It helps you with your concentration. Quinoa is fantastic because it has nine essential amino acids along with iron, and vitamin B2. It also contains magnesium which helps to balance out your blood sugar. This keeps emotions in check and prevents you from crashing. There are plenty of recipes out there where you can incorporate it. You can even use it instead of oatmeal.


All kinds of berries are an excellent disease-fighting antioxidant. Not to mention they taste great in a smoothie which is the kind of thing you can consume shortly before a yoga class. They are high in fibre too so you only need a handful to help you feel full and happy if you’re on the go and heading to a yoga class, they’re a handy food to have. The natural sugar that you get in berries will prevent you from crashing in your yoga class when you compare it to a sugary granola bar.


There are a variety of different kinds of lentils and there are so many things you can do with them. They are said to have a bunch of anti-aging benefits. They have a lot of iron and protein to keep you feeling full of energy. It’s also said that food like Dhal which is a dish that includes lentils and spices can help you to feel grounded. This is an important aspect of yoga.

Nuts and Nut Butters

Nuts and their broken down version, nut butters, are a great way to boost your energy. This can help you with a vigorous yoga practice. The high protein and good fats in nut butters will also keep you feeling and being healthy. Nut butter can spread on rice cakes or toast or put in your oatmeal. You can dip your apples or bananas into them too.


Eating porridge in the morning will help your constitution. Your digestion system can easily work with porridge so it helps you feel comfortable during your yoga poses. It is high in fiber and low on the glycemic index scale. The warming qualities help to improve your digestive fire so it works optimally. It is good for sustaining your energy so if you’re doing a long yoga class; it’s a great thing to eat a bit beforehand. It’s important to eat the right foods for your health and a yogi diet will always be a great path to take. Part of the yogic diet which is connected to the Ayurvedic way of living. The diet aspect says you should eat foods that are in season and were grown in your area. Eating food that is light but has a lot of nutrients is going to make you feel light and easy so it won’t hold back your yoga regime. In fact, it may just improve it because it helps improve so many parts of your body.