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The Pioneer of the Modern Dry Fruit Industry in Iran Has Passed Away

Mohsen Rahmani

145 Years of Sustainable Development with Love for the Homeland

Mr Mohsen Rahmani, an exemplary entrepreneur, the founder of the Mani brand, and a renowned philanthropist, passed away at the age of 86.

Before officially entering the business world, he worked in agriculture alongside his father. In 1332, he began processing dried fruits in a small workshop in the city of Maragheh. In 1339, as the second generation of the Rahmani family, he expanded the family trade and business activities. Starting in the 1940s with the commencement of dried fruit exports to the Soviet Union, he developed his business.

From the 1970s, Haj Mohsen Rahmani brought new life to the Iranian raisin market by exporting dried fruit products to 93 countries worldwide. He achieved numerous national and international awards and received the Exporter of Excellence award from the presidents of his time on four occasions.

He established the modern form of dried fruit production, processing, and export in Iran, providing dried fruit products to end consumers under the brand name "Mani" in Iran, the countries around the Persian Gulf, and Europe.
In 1396, he laid the foundation for a quality-focused food product development and, with substantial investments and the gathering of the country's top experts, established four well-equipped factories in Maragheh, Bonab, and one factory in Zanjan, becoming a leader in the country's industry.

Today, the Rahmani Group, with its five subsidiary brand names: Mani, Rahmani, Kariz, Rostani, and Golordi, is actively present in both domestic and international markets.
Haj Mohsen Rahmani always believed in sustainable development, environmental conservation, and promoting Iran's name on the global stage. Alongside his business endeavors, he played an active role in philanthropic activities.
In the words of Mohsen Rahmani: 'In the path of boundless progress, our culture, and our land, is our treasure.'