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The launch of the new phase of fleet of Shahrvand’s online shopping

Shahrvand Chain Complex, whilst collaborating with the private sector, is evolving its online sales, and house deliveries to its customers.

on 26 December 2018, The Chain Stores Manager, at a joint meeting, introduced "SANA Distribution Company" and "eFarda Company" from the private sector, as its commercial partners in providing door-to-door delivery orders. Fast home delivery of all available goods from this store using modern fleet is one of the highlights of this new service.

Dr. Massoud Sariolghalam, Chief Executive Manager of Shahrvand Merchandise Services Company, indicated the fast growing popularity of customers who are interested in the online shopping system. In recent years, we have witnessed a 100% percent increase for online orders from Shahrvand stores. Given the studies and measuring the needs of our customers, led to the requirement for our invitation to collaborate with the private sector in order to expand our services.

The online ordering process and door-to-door delivery services was activated around 7 years ago as of 24 March 2011, but the increase in the number of customers in recent years has led the managers of these chain stores to find the traditional way of delivering products insufficient compared to the high volume of orders.

According to the managing director of Shahrvand Company, it was decided that the development of the fleet transportation for the online department of the stores be entrusted to the private sector in order to make best use of the capacity of this sector as well.

Hence, given the announcement of "Sana Distribution Company" of its readiness, whilst having modern distribution systems, and being one of the leading companies in this field, the investment and supply of the transport fleet required for the development of Shahrvand's online electronic sales was delegated to this company.

Majid Rooygar Haghroo, marketing director at SANA Distribution Company, talked about the importance of this event and its effect on the evolution of online e-sales and delivery of goods in Tehran, stating that: "Shahrvand chain stores whilst having a competitive strategic advantage in respect with the online sales and delivery of goods required by the families in Tehran, along with the modern and well equipped transportation fleet of Sana Distribution Company, whose fleet personnel are specifically hired and trained for the implementation of this type of service on a twenty-four hour basis in Tehran, when interacting with one another, are able to provide all the citizens of Tehran with a simple, quick and inexpensive facility to purchase their required goods from Shahrvand Stores. And by doing so, help reduce air pollution, reduce traffic, create jobs and increase Tehran citizens' contentment."

He also added that "The abundance of branches, the wide variety of goods, reasonable prices, 24-hour delivery (coming soon) and delivery at the door of the customer's apartment door - not at the building's entrance, are the main advantages of the new online sales service of Shahrvand stores, which will be executed by Sana.

The partnership of Shahrvand with the private sector companies, assisting the private sector's capability, will increase the quality of service providing throughout the city of Tehran, which will soon be on a 24 hours’ system, delivering goods in the shortest possible time. During this partnership, Shahrvand Stores will collaborate with eFarda company, which is composed of a network of creative and innovative team, who will be providing their ingenious solutions within the electronic payment field.

Considering the approach of the new Mayor of Tehran, following the slogan of "Tehran Urban for All" with the intention to promote the development of online sales of Shahrvand, will also provide access to all citizens to purchase their requirements at affordable prices.

It should be added that currently Shahrvand Chain Branches are active throughout the city of Tehran, and the two stores situated in Beihaghi and Boustan offer a 24-hour service to their customers. Activating the 24 hours a day online sales has been instigated in Shahrvand's future plan. According to the managers of Shahrvand Chain Stores and Sana Distribution company, to conduct 24-hour delivery of goods in Tehran, the necessary studies have been carried out and the plan is in the process of its final stages and that the necessary permits to execute the program are being obtained.