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Rahmani Group in Gulfood 2021 Dubai

The Gulfood2021 exhibition was held from Feb 21th to 25th at the Dubai World Trade Center. Rahmani group was present in this exhibition with SUNRAISY booth. In this regard, we had an interview with the group's export manager, Mr. AbuAli, and asked about the goals and activities carried out during the exhibition.

Given the pandemic conditions and the existing restrictions, how did you see the situation of this year's exhibition compared to last year?

This year, compared to last year, everything was a third. That is, both exhibitors and visitors were fewer. But fortunately, this made the visitors real buyers. In exhibitions, people usually come only for sightseeing and gathering information or with exhibition tours. Due to the fact that many countries had strict quarantine rules and coronary tests to return to the country, and the exhibition environment was risky anyway, most of the visitors this year came back to their country with full hands.

What were the features of our booth in terms of product design and display?

Every year we reach a better maturity in the discussion of holding exhibitions. Fortunately, we have now reached an alliance in terms of booth design and layout, which means we already know what we want. In terms of product display and introduction, we know exactly what the product is and how we should display it. We get stronger from one exhibition to the next, both in terms of design, implementation and display of products, and in terms of the more positive feedback we receive from visitors.

What brands of Rahmani Group did we participate in the exhibition with this year?

This year, we specially designed the booth for Sunraisy, but due to the fact that we sell both Kariz and Rahmani products in the region, we also had a limited number of Kariz and Rahmani products to display, which fortunately were also well received. became.

Did the booth activities include sampling and product samples?

Sampling was not allowed due to the corona argument. That's why we came and packaged the products in small samples and presented them to people so that they could open the package and consume it themselves. The packages included small juices, 2-gram nuts, bulk pistachios and raisins in 2-gram and 3-gram packages punched in packages.

Which of the products received the most attention?

Most of all pistachios and nuts bars.

Are Gulffood participants only from neighboring countries or from all over the world?

In Gulf Food they come from all over the world. Because in terms of size and fame, it is one of the top three exhibitions in the world and is considered the largest exhibition in the world after ANUGA and SIAL exhibitions. It is almost the largest food exhibition in Asia and due to its experience and antiquity, it attracts a high level of participation from different countries of the world. Usually the participants of this exhibition are fixed who participate in this exhibition every year. This year, due to corona restrictions, some countries had little or no participation. For example, there were no Chinese at all and there were very few Indians. They were Africans, and came from almost every country in the Middle East, including Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the region. The presence of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia, Belarus and the Caspian littoral states was extremely high. In contrast, America and Latin America had a small presence. Most companies from Europe came from Turkey, Italy and several other countries.

Did Rahmani Group's presence at the Gulf Food Fair help us find new customers?

There are several aspects to attending any exhibition. The first aspect is that when you are a regular at the world's major exhibitions, your confidence increases. Because the presence, the appropriate booth and the elegant design leave a very good image in the minds of the audience and the customer. Especially in the time of Corona, when it is not possible to travel and visit factories and offices, when they see that a company is continuously participating in large and prestigious international exhibitions, it has an international reputation. The second point is that you can meet old customers again and show them new products. Third, more orders can be received with the views and visits that occur. The fourth point is attracting new customers. We had new customers, like the previous Gulf Foods. Europeans who bought goods from our warehouse in Italy and customers who want to buy goods directly from our factory.

In general, how do you evaluate the achievements of this exhibition?

Absolutely positive. We have the experience of attending more than 2 international exhibitions. Gulffood is one of the most important and fortunately this year we had very positive results from the presence of new customers, like the previous Gulffoods. Europeans who bought goods from our warehouse in Italy and also customers who want to buy goods directly from our factory. Active presence in the world exhibition Certainly is one of our main policies.

Do you have any plans to participate in international exhibitions next year?

We have defined our strategy for participating in the exhibitions and our plan is to participate in three major exhibitions in the world every year: (ANUGA) Germany, ( SIAL) France, (Gulffood) UAE.

Thank you for your time, please let me know if you have any tips to add.

We work in a team whose main priority is exports, and fortunately we are a team that we all think about exporting and developing. When a group with an export background does its job, being able to actively participate in the world's leading exhibition is certainly one of our main policies and will be very important.